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Artists Statement  For a long time we’ve been painting places. It is from the specifics of a site that meaning and perceptions are engendered. Places are stories told through the remnants of history and experiences of residents, through the luxury of wealth, the struggle for existence and the endurance of nature. Symbolic and ornamental elements respond to information gleaned from the history, geology and culture specific to that place, functioning as visual prompts that by association give meaning to the whole. Our work combines the tools and materials of folk art, applied and fine arts. Works are informed by textiles, Medieval manuscript illumination, Pop Art, the Hudson River School and the graphic language of flags. Our collaboration is for the most part conceptual. Pieces are conceived and executed by either one of us or by both as a team. It is the content, intent and meaning of the work that we share. Each piece continues our visual conversation.  "No place is a place until things that have happened in it are remembered in  history, ballads, yarns, legends or monuments. Fictions serve as well as fact." Wallace Stegner  Fraas-Slade, 2008
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